Wheaten Joy


It`s one of the oldest irish breeds, first records comes from 18. century, Irish Kennel Club recognised it as a breed in 1937, UK Kennel Club in 1943 and American Kennel Club in late 1973.
In past it was used for rodents hunting, now it is extremely popular familiy dog without typical hunting or terrier character. Representatives of breed are lovely, gentle, pay attention, loyal, spirited, sometimes naughty, not agressive to other animals – can live also with cats. Intelligence is distinguished by them, schooling makes fun, if it is based on positive rewarding and is simple, appropriate also for beginners. They are suitable for training, trail, agility, rally obedience, some of them are also rescue or therapeutic dogs. Despite they love activities and walkings they can adjust to less intensive life – they can lie in flat for a whole day. They originate from Ireland and are used to cold and wind but nevertheless they must live indoor with a man that they follow him on every step. Despite long silky coat it is undemanding for care, exept in first year when there is change from harder and darker coat to silky and brighter. Hair is not fall out and is hypoallergenic. Trimming and haircut is not necessary exept in case of showing.