Wheaten Joy

FCI Standard



FCI – Standard N40 from 27.1.2001


Origin: Irland

FCI clasification: Group 3 Terriers – large and medium sized

General looking: hardy, well built,

Thypical properties: spirited and game, good tempered, faithful, intelligent, trusty, friend, defensive, nonagresive

Head; powerful, without being coarse, long in good proportion in the body, jaws strong

Ears: small to medium, carried in front

Body and tail: lenght from withers to base of tail approximately the same as from ground to withers, tail well set, carried gaily

coat:  soft ,Silky, several changes of colour between 18 months and 2,5 years; adult from light wheaten to a golden reddish, without undercoat,

Eliminating faults: agressivenes, nervousness, overly shy, yellow eyes or brown nose, dull, thick, wooly or cottony textured hair


typical irish coat    heavy – woolly coat